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Time Table Schedule List of Today Pro Kabaddi League match 2017

Time Table Schedule List of Today Pro Kabaddi League match 2017, Pro kabaddi Date Time Ground place Venue team Player List Name results winner Live score Videos Youtube Tv Jio Highlights auction , who will win Today Pro kabaddi league match 2017

Vivo Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Season 5 Schedule:

Date1st Match : 08:00 PM 2nd Match : 09:00 PM Venue
28-JulHYD vs CHEMUM vs PUNHyderabad
29-JulJAI vs DELHYD vs PATHyderabad
30-JulMUM vs HARHYD vs BLRHyderabad
1-AugGUJ vs DELHYD vs UPHyderabad
2-AugGUJ vs HARHYD vs KOLHyderabad
3-AugHYD vs PAT-Hyderabad
4-AugBLR vs CHEPUN vs DELBengaluru
5-AugMUM vs DELBLR vs UPBengaluru
6-AugKOL vs UPBLR vs PATBengaluru
8-AugGUJ vs HARBLR vs HYDBengaluru
9-AugBLR vs KOL-Bengaluru
10-AugPUN vs JAIBLR vs CHEBengaluru
11-AugGUJ vs MUM-Ahmedabad
12-AugHYD vs UPGUJ vs DELAhmedabad
13-AugPAT vs UPGUJ vs JAIAhmedabad
15-AugKOL vs PUNGUJ vs BLRAhmedabad
16-AugHAR vs CHEGUJ vs HYDAhmedabad
17-AugDEL vs CHEGUJ vs KOLAhmedabad
18-AugUP vs MUMBLR vs JAILucknow
19-AugHYD vs MUMUP vs HARLucknow
20-AugPAT vs PUNUP vs JAILucknow
22-AugGUJ vs PUNUP vs KOLLucknow
23-AugHAR vs DELUP vs CHELucknow
24-AugUP vs HYD-Lucknow
25-AugMUM vs JAIKOL vs PATMumbai
26-AugPAT vs CHEMUM vs PUNMumbai
27-AugKOL vs BLRMUM vs DELMumbai
29-AugBLR vs UPMUM vs GUJMumbai
30-AugMUM vs HAR-Mumbai
31-AugHYD vs CHEMUM vs JAIMumbai
1-SepKOL vs PAT-Kolkata
2-SepGUJ vs HARKOL vs UPKolkata
3-SepGUJ vs JAIKOL vs CHEKolkata
5-SepPAT vs JAIKOL vs HARKolkata
6-SepDEL vs BLRKOL vs MUMKolkata
7-SepHYD vs PUNKOL vs DELKolkata
8-SepHAR vs PATGUJ vs UPHaryana
9-SepPAT vs MUMHAR vs BLRHaryana
10-SepBLR vs PUNHAR vs HYDHaryana
12-SepKOL vs HYDHAR vs DELHaryana
13-SepCHE vs UPHAR vs PUNHaryana
14-SepHAR vs JAI-Haryana
15-SepPAT vs HYDMUM vs GUJRanchi
16-SepBLR vs HYDPAT vs UPRanchi
17-SepJAI vs DELPAT vs KOLRanchi
19-SepPUN vs HARPAT vs BLRRanchi
20-SepPAT vs CHE-Ranchi
21-SepJAI vs HARPAT vs UPRanchi
22-SepDEL vs MUM-Delhi
23-SepBLR vs KOLDEL vs PUNDelhi
24-SepKOL vs CHEDEL vs HARDelhi
26-SepGUJ vs CHEDEL vs PATDelhi
27-SepHYD vs JAIDEL vs UPDelhi
28-SepBLR vs MUMDEL vs HYDDelhi
29-SepCHE vs PUNGUJ vs PATChennai
30-SepPUN vs UPCHE vs JAIChennai
1-OctJAI vs KOLCHE vs MUMChennai
3-OctDEL vs GUJCHE vs HYDChennai
4-OctMUM vs HARCHE vs UPChennai
5-OctCHE vs BLR-Chennai
6-OctJAI vs GUJWild cardJaipur
7-OctWild cardJAI vs MUMJaipur
8-OctWild cardJAI vs PUNJaipur
10-OctWild cardJAI vs DELJaipur
11-OctWild cardJAI vs HARJaipur
12-OctWild card-Jaipur
13-OctPUN vs GUJKOL vs CHEPune
14-OctCHE vs PALPUN vs MUMPune
15-OctBLR vs UPPUN vs DELPune
17-OctPUN vs HAR-Pune
18-OctPAT vs BLRPUN vs JAIPune
20-OctHYD vs KOLPUN vs GUJPune
Oct 22-23--Mumbai
Oct 26-28--Chennai

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Time Table Schedule List of Today Pro Kabaddi League match 2017
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